The turn

Driving down the hill, she was pushing herself to try something harder on every corner she reached. Taking her car to the limit and further, feeling the urge to try it again once more. Left, then right, then left. Despite being on a two way road, she always drove the car looking for the perfect approximation to the apex, trying to jump out the corner as fast as possible.

Then came the turn. That turn. A turn of fate. It leaned outwards so the speed must be reduced more than ussual as the car went into the apex and then it could be accelerated while going out.

But she was, for a moment, wishing she could fail so the car and everything inside would roll over the road, the rail and the cliff. So she stepped hard into the gas pedal and the car roared as it entered the turn.

And the dream came true. Things got scattered and scrambled inside, her hair got over her face, the roof progressively flattening around her. A moment later came the deafening noise of the guard rail breaking apart due to the massive hit it got and all of a sudden, silence.

They flew and then died. In that turn. A change of fate. But this time, it was sought and succesfully found.


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