First move to the field

Who may have believed that he will become such an important person for me? Sharing an afternoon game, the game itself, an afternoon full of music and stories... the memories, the friendship and the mutual support.

This very thursday, this friend of mine will take his backpack, his guitar and music scores, his glasses and my best wishes. This thursday, my good and not-so-old friend Bob, der Marschall des Alfabravo, begins a journey abroad, full of uncertainty... well, that's exactly the point, jejeje.

Godspeed, my good friend! The Alfabravo wishes you the best during your incursion in the field. As said before, I will not ever forget, you bet I won't!

The 101st airborne is going to the field... but we won't stop being blood brothers.

PS. "Para nosotros no hay paracaídas porque vamos en clase económica, a nosotros nos dicen 'Fue un placer viajar con ustedes', jejeje"... farewell, my friend.


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