I've been taking some hits in the last couple of years. I've also achieved many goals, felt a lot of happiness.

Hence, why shouldn't we give this old blog some new style and a renewed feelin'? Well, here is it, a new design, quite different from the last one. It remains on 'Beta' status and the available comments are provided by Blogger and its annoying word verification catpcha... sorry about that.

Tell me what do you think about it, bis bald!!


Schizoid dijo…
Oooooooorale...... bueno, siempre es bueno cambiar :)
madMilo dijo…

leave the comments from google, I really hate the popups that used to appear in your blog. the captcha maybe a little annoying, but I would prefer the integrated experience.

the new look feels sort of... windows, I think the logo is to blame.
alfabravo dijo…
Jejeje... madmilo is an apple-store-boy, enjoys the integrated experiences :P

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