I literally* can't count the number of times I have been left astonished by the fragility of the masculine pride and the heights reached by its counterpart, the masculine shyness.

In the office's restroom for men, there's a door to one of the toilets that was made about five milimeters too wide and most people struggles to make it fit and lock whatever the cost. Things rattle and clash with each other. Huffs and puffs can be heard. Anything but the chance to leave a diminute space to be seen (theoretically, of course) or to be caught off guard white taking a dump or peeing.

Why are we raised with that need to stay covered from others? What's there to be lost?

* I know when to use literally. I really meant it. I have no way to count the occasions it happened because several have already slipped out of my mind. But I can recall the feeling.


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