similia similibus curantur, said  Paracelsus a long time ago. Vaccines were initially made following this idea, using a controlled sample of whatever causes a disease to let the body know how to deal with it from then on.

Homeopathy changed the declination to subjunctive, making it a wish, like a prayer or a request to the gods. curentur. In that way, control was let go and everything was blindly soaked in water to "let the body know" as people drank water.

If possible, I would register "homeopathy" to change its meaning. It would be more related to the teachings of Bruce Lee about being water (instead of drinking it). It would be like the times when you have got your hands full of dirt and grease, and you only clean them up with clean grease (e.g. cooking oil, clear motor oil). You'd need more of something before moving on about it. Your structure should adjust before moving on, reflecting the lessons learned on its structure.

Be grease, my friends.


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