agosto 25, 2017


One thing that has always kept me uneasy with my body is the size and girth of my arms. If people notices how skinny I really am, it is usually related to my arms. I've always felt that I'm just not strong enough by looking at them.

A couple of days ago, I was playing futsal in a public park and, while doing my time of goalkeeping, I gave a go to some pull-ups and it was easy. Man, I probably can't do 50 in a row but hey, I did ten without much effort and I felt good. I felt stronger by lifting my own body weight once and again. Something I remembered as impossible when I was a boy.

Who would have thought that riding my bike on a regular basis could have such an impact in my body?

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Arturo Sanjuán dijo...

Kisses in your strong and skinny arms.