junio 18, 2006

A 'Black label and Quilmes' night

While waiting for some dudes (one, another, and this one), I had some time for writing. Yeah, I was writing a post in a pub (by the way, it's a great place to be, not to go :-P )...

The idea is to keep knowing new stuff as often as we can... enjoying the process as much as possible. Hence, when we feel sad, maybe is just a lack of surprises, of enyojable things in our life. We should then find us some, should't we?
It's quite pointless to worry about the {bad,sad} things we can foresee in our own future, 'cause it does not depend on us only, but on a mixture of coincidences happening at an specific moment... maybe at the same time if we are lucky enough (or unlucky enough, too...). The uncertainty gives hope, the future can't be foreseen (as long as I know), then... let's keep our hopes high, alive. Trying so is not enough.

"And the sea brings each man new hope, as the sleep brings dreams".
C. Columbus

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